Winter Bowls 2018/19

Team Selections :-

Dawlish, 24/2/19
Captain John Thompson – 3 x Rinks, Starts 1:30

Jose Northey, Carol Harding, Kaysie Martyr-Quinn, Les Baker

Sandra Fowler, Tony Geake, Don Pepperell, Barbara Baker

Theresa Thomas, Steve Harding, Tricia Thompson, Jeff Ramsden

Reserves: Frankie Ash, John Orr, Graham Toon

Sidmouth, 27/2/19
Captain Jose Northey – 3 x Rinks
Starts 2:00

Steve Harding, Tony Geake, Graham Deykin, Barbara Baker

Carol Harding, Tony Melluish, John Orr, Jose Northey

Theresa Thomas, Graham Toon, Don Pepperell, Jeff Ramsden

Reserves: Frankie Ash, John Brand

Budleigh, 8/3/19
Captain John Thompson - 2 x Rinks Starts 1:30

Carol Harding, Sue Bendell, Tony Melluish, Les Baker

Barry Carr, Steve Harding, Jose Northey, Vic Guest

Reserves: Frankie Ash, Kirsten Colman, Tony Geake Tony Melluish, Don Pepperell, Theresa Thomas, Tricia Thompson Graham Toon, Sandra Fowler

Honiton, 10/3/19
Sunday, Captain John Brand – 4 x Triples Starts 1:30

Frankie Ash, Don Pepperell, -tbc-

Kirsten Colman, Tricia Thompson, Vic Guest

Theresa Thomas, Graham Toon, John Brand (-tbc-)

Barry Carr, John Orr, Les Baker

Reserves: Sandra Fowler, Kaysie Martyr-Quinn

Exonia, 17/3/19
Sunday, Captain John Thompson, 3 x Triples
Starts 2:00

Barry Carr, Sandra Fowler, Barbara Baker

Theresa Thomas, Steve Harding, Les Baker

Carol Harding, Don Pepperell, Jeff Ramsden

Reserves: Judyth Aarons, Frankie Ash, Kirsten Colman, Tony Geake, Vic Guest, Kaysie Martyr-Quinn, John Orr

Madeira, 18/3/19
Monday, Captain John Thompson, 3 x Rinks
Starts 1:30

Kirsten Colman, Don Pepperell, Vic Guest, Les Baker

Tony Geake, Tricia Thompson, John Orr, Barbara Baker

Carol Harding, Graham Toon, Jeff Ramsden, Alan Woodley

Reserves: Frankie Ash, Barry Carr, Graham Deykin, Steve Harding, Tony Melluish, Theresa Thomas

Dear Team Members, this is the line-up for the last six games of the season.

If you are unable to play, or wish to swop with a reserve, then please do so, but let me know before the game. I hope you have enjoyed the games and are now better prepared for the summer season.

John Thompson 16 Feb 19

Please note these listings are subject to change at short notice









Topsham Bowling Club Winter Bowls 2018/19

Excellent result today well done Topsham!  Topsham lost 49-63 .. Congratulations to Jeff’s team who lost 10-11 .. just one point well done!!! My sincere thanks to Honiton who managed to get a player to make up one of our triples.  We extend our good wishes for a speedy recover to Mick Mills who had to drop out at the last moment and is now home from hospital recovering from a virus infection.   

Captain of the Day was Jose, thank you once again.

The next game at Dawlish on the 24th Feb.  

Here are the results of the Madeira Game.  Topsham 37 Madeira 66.  Les Baker’s rink made excellent progress today and felt cheated losing 13-17, had the two extra ends been played that could have been a winning rink for Topsham.

The next game is at Honiton on Sat 16-2-19 with Jose Northey as Captain of the Day.

Dear team

In respect of the funeral of Maurice Brooks on the 8th Feb I have cancelled the Budleigh game.  Budleigh have been informed.

John Thompson

Fantastic result, Topsham lost 53 - 62 to Dawlish.  Congratulations to Barbara B (21-15) & John B (19-16) who were skips on the two winning rinks.  Once again the team was let down by a missing Topsham player who failed to turn up for the game, sincere thanks to Dawlish for providing us with a player. Thanks to John Brand who was captain of the day.

The next game is Madeira  5/2/19 Captain of the day John Thompso


Topsham lost 36 - 78 to Madeira. Congratulations to Jeff Ramsden 18-24 and Alan Woodley 13-17 who both skippered two very good rinks. Despite my meticulous planning one Topsham player failed to turn up and another had to be reminded that he was playing today.

Captain of the day was Jose Northey - sorry Jose that you have to put up with the pain of changing to a Triples game.

The next game is 20/1/19 at Dawlish - John Brand will be Captain of the day.

John Thompson


ISCA 94 Topsham 46

Best rinks were Les Baker (16-18) who lost by 2 shots and Vic Guest (15-16) who lost by 1 shot.  At 9 ends both teams were in a commanding lead only to be beaten in last couple of rounds. Well done!

Captain of the Day John Thompson

Next game Madeira 14/1/19 - Captain of the Day Jose.


A challenging game for Topsham who lost 26-91 to Madeira.  
Many thanks to Jose who was captain of the day.


Great afternoon we lost 40-74.  Congratulations to Mick Mills' rink who won 22-18.  That is our first winning rink of the indoor season.

Next game 12-12-18 at Madeira Jose Northey Captain of the Day.

John T


Topsham 34 Madeira 62.  Thanks to Jose Northey Captain of the Day.  

Next game 1/12/18 Dawlish


Honiton 87 Topsham 44 - We drew on one rink 14-14 Well done to John Brand who was also Captain of the Day.

Next Game Exonia 31-10-18  John Thompson


The TBC Winter Bowls season.  All members of the Topsham Bowling Club are eligible to participate in the series with no further payment.  All matches will be mixed players; dress code Club or White shirts and greys; rinks fees will be payable on the day.  Players should make their own travel arrangements to arrive at the matches 30 minutes before the start.  

For further information please contact John Thompson 01392-873663.


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